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Scratch for Fun game.
Scratch the simulated ticket on your screen to learn how to play

Winning Scenarios shown are for demonstration purposes only. These tickets are not valid. There are no prizes to be won.

Odds of winning in this simulation have been enhanced to illustrate various winning combinations. The actual overall odds of winning on the INSTANT Bingo Lottery Game available at OLG lottery retailers are approximately 1 in 3.25.

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BINGO Patterns

Line: Any complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line (5 numbers or 4 numbers and FREE)

4 Corners: All 4 corners (4 numbers)

T: Consisting of 8 numbers plus FREE forming a complete upright T

X: Consisting of 8 numbers plus FREE forming a complete X

Box: The outside square (16 numbers)


Scratch the CALLER’S CARD completely. This is done by clicking the area on your screen.

Scratch the numbers on BINGO CARD 1 to CARD 4 that match the numbers revealed on the CALLER’S CARD. Using the numbers revealed and the FREE space on the BINGO CARDS, you win if you uncover one of the following on one or more of the BINGO CARDS – refer to BINGO Patterns tab.

Check the winning card(s) prize legend for the corresponding prize(s). You can only win once per card.

FAST $15: Scratch the FAST $15 area completely. Uncover 3 identical symbols, win $15.

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BINGO patterns